About Me: Getting to know Ashley.


Welcome to my Blog, I am glad that you are here. My name is Ashley, I work Part-time for our local ISD(Independent School District). I have been married for 10 Years to my best friend, Michael. We have 2 wonderful children, Gabby who is 9, and Bill, 5. They both keep our lives pretty busy. Michael travels for work, so from time to time I will post diffrent trips the kids and I go on to meet up with Michael. Currently while writing this, we are in NJ(New Jersey). We live in a little town in Texas, we love it here. We have a wonderful Church that we attend, which is Pentacostal.

I dindnt grow up Pentacostal. I grew up what ever my mother told me I was, which in most cases was what ever church she decided to go to at that time. Back story is,is that I moved alot when I was younger due to my father being in the Army.

I graduated from High School in 2008, and decided a few months later to attend Job Corps. While at the Job Corps Center I studied Medical Office Support and Insurance Claims Processing. (Neither of which I currently use or have I used. This is also the same location in which I met Michael, my husand.

As always, Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, and if you have questions feel free to send me an email or leave me a comment.

Published by wildflower2009

Hello, My name is Ashley. I am a school bus driver, wife and mother. I have a loving wonderful husband, and 2 children, Gabby and Bill. I love to Budget and anything planner and pen related. I am from the Nashville, TN area, and live in TX.

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